Portfolio Management

Focused on your family and your values

Managing your assets so they aren't lost to taxes, inflation, or bad investments is a lot of work – work you don’t need to add to your plate.

We spend our days getting to know you, your family, and your business, as well as the markets, so we can partner with you to simplify complex planning issues. That way, you can stop managing your wealth and start enjoying it.

Through our holistic approach, we offer:

  • Investment guidance through independent and unbiased advice
  • Full transparency throughout the process
  • Key insights into your finances & recommendations on how to maintain and grow a prosperous portfolio

“I’ve been with Cox Financial Group for some years now and during this time I’ve been very impressed with their competence, not only with their wise and skillful placement of my money but also their very professional organization. I would highly recommend them.”


Work with wealth experts who know you

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have enough money to work with Cox Financial?

We are focused on creating ongoing relationships with all our clients. To do that, we keep our client list short, working only with high-net-worth individuals, businesses and professionals who match our values. To see if we are a good fit, please fill out our intake form.

What is portfolio management?

At its simplest, portfolio management is working with a trusted advisor to optimize your wealth and make it work for you, so you can focus on what’s important – your business and your family.

How do I know when I need help with portfolio management?

When managing your assets keeps you up at night, or pulls you away from enjoying time with family, it’s time to partner with a trusted advisor.

What is discretionary portfolio management?

A form of investment management in which buy and sell decisions are made by the portfolio manager. The term ‘discretionary’ refers to the fact that investment decisions are made by the portfolio manager without requiring direct input from the investor. This means the client must have the utmost trust in their portfolio manager's capabilities.

What are the main benefits of discretionary portfolio management?

  • Frees clients from making day-to-day investment decisions so they can focus on their business
  • Aligns the investment manager's and client’s interest through a fee structure that rewards growth
  • May give the client access to better investment opportunities and better prices for executed trades
  • Allows portfolio managers to act quickly and efficiently

Case Study: Can we afford to retire?

Jim and Barb*, longtime farmers in Southern Alberta, were in their early sixties when they got an offer on their homestead. It was exciting news for the couple because, for the first time in their lives, they could seriously consider retirement.

They had worked many long, hard years, and though their farm had provided a good lifestyle and a great place to raise their family, their kids had long since moved on, with no interest in taking over.

Physically and emotionally the couple were ready to sell, however, they were worried if they did so they might not have enough money to last them through retirement. They had some small investments, such as life insurance and RRSPs, but they’d never had a large lump sum of money to manage.

Farm Couple With Truck

A custom solution

After meeting with Jim and Barb, and taking the time to understand their income goals and tolerance for risk and volatility, we recommended a diversified portfolio managed by our Cox Private Wealth team at reduced fees, for a significant portion of their funds. We set up the portfolio to provide dividend and interest income sufficient to meet both their immediate and long-term goals.

Because of their relatively young retirement age and tolerance for market fluctuations, the couple chose a balanced asset allocation. Along with their other assets, we continually monitored the advice, performance, reporting and service of the asset managers. We then allocated their remaining assets in guaranteed investments to provide liquid capital in case of emergency and other lifestyle needs. This strategy offered stability for the long term along with access to capital even if markets were in a downturn.

A happy new beginning

For over five years, Jim and Barb’s portfolio has provided an adequate and stable income – with market returns above expectations. Their portfolio has grown significantly from their initial investment, which has allowed the couple the comfort to conservatively rebalance their asset allocation while maintaining an adequate income.

Jim and Barb say they sleep well at night. They remain aware of market news but feel comfortable and well-positioned to weather the storms that may come – just as they did when they still had the farm. The icing on the cake for them is that they also have the freedom to pull out lump sums and treat their extended family to “dream vacations” together.

*Names have been changed

Work with wealth experts who know you

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