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Accessing leading edge wealth planning expertise once meant working with advisory firms from Calgary, Toronto, or other large city centres. Our team brings that big-city expertise to the heart of Southern Alberta with a suite of premium wealth planning options for high-net-worth families, businesses and professionals.

Based here in Lethbridge, we focus on building personal, long-standing relationships with all our clients. Because holistic wealth planning is about more than just tax or the markets—it’s about you, your family and achieving your goals.

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Articles & Insights

Coulee Bg

Investment Income & Income Tax

March 17, 2023

Interest income refers to the compensation an individual receives from making funds available to another party. Interest income is typically earned on fixed income securities, such as bonds and Guaranteed Income Certificates (GICs)…

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Coxfinancial 53

Spring 2023 Market Update

March 17, 2023

Special Update – What happened to Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)? In its most simplified form, a bank’s activities traditionally boil down to taking deposits (a short-term liability for the bank)…

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Coxfinancial 28

Winter 2022 Market Update

December 15, 2022

Since our update in September, we have seen a considerable rebound in most markets, with the Canadian and U.S. indices up over 5% in November…

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“We have been working with the Cox Financial Group both personally and through our business for many years. The entire team is knowledgeable, friendly, and quick to respond to any questions. They have handled our benefit plan and have come up with a plan that works extremely well for our business and our employees. Their ability to provide a wide range of services is also an advantage to us. I highly recommend the Cox Financial Group!”

- Jonas

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