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Spring 2023 Market Update

March 17, 2023

Special Update – What happened to Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)? In its most simplified form, a bank’s activities traditionally boil down to taking deposits (a short-term liability for the bank) and making loans (a long-term asset). To ensure its sustainability, the financial institution must therefore ensure that it maintains sufficient high-quality liquid assets to meet…

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Winter 2022 Market Update

December 15, 2022

Since our update in September, we have seen a considerable rebound in most markets, with the Canadian and U.S. indices up over 5% in November…

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EI Update: What you need to know

December 15, 2022

As of December 18, 2022, employees can collect sickness benefits from Canada’s Employment Insurance (EI) plan for an additional 11 weeks, bringing the total period of coverage to 26 weeks (up from 15 weeks). That sounds like good news for both employees and employers—but is it? As is often the case when there is change,…

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The Art & Science of Group Retirement Programs

December 7, 2022

What do Van Gogh and retirement savings plans have in common? Not so much on the surface, perhaps, but painting is a useful analogy to demystify the seemingly complicated options for employer retirement programs. “For an artist, the colour palette of paint in essence hasn’t changed for hundreds of years, yet every painting is different.…

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Canada’s Two Dental Programs: Get the Facts

November 29, 2022

The federal government has formally begun the process of creating the Canadian Dental Care Program (CDCP) by 2025; however, it’s not to be confused with the Canada Dental Benefit (CDB) that took effect on December 1, 2022. “We have an interim measure right now for children up to age 12. But it’s not really a…

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Bring your A-Game to Recruiting

November 19, 2022

Imagine your workforce is like a hockey team vying for the “Stanley Cup” in terms of performance and profitability. But you don’t have enough top players to make up even one of your four lines of play. The vision of a championship quickly becomes a pipe dream—yet that’s the reality for most employers today. Employees…

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New Era for Health Benefits?

October 6, 2022

Has the war for talent ushered in a golden era for health benefits plans and wellness programs? The 25th annual Benefits Canada Healthcare Survey appears to suggest that. While “golden” may be too strong a word, given competing pressures for sustainability, today’s market certainly does reflect a changing mindset for a growing number of plan…

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Why Financial Wellness Pays Off for Employees

September 24, 2022

When employees are financially well, employers reap the rewards of a healthier, more productive and loyal workforce, emphasizes Saijal Patel, founder and CEO of Saij Wealth Consulting and creator and host of The News Forum’s national online personal finance program, Strictly Money. In a recent webinar for The Benefits Alliance Group, the financial wellness consultant…

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5 Top Trends in Total Rewards

September 23, 2022

With attrition levels well above the norm in many sectors, employee total rewards are coming into their own. “Three to five years ago, total rewards still meant compensation for most people, maybe with a couple of bells and whistles attached. Today, total rewards include greater focus on health and well-being, culture and the values of…

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Lethbridge Portfolio Management

Fall 2022 Market Update

September 21, 2022

Private Wealth Market Update Most major financial markets had a good run throughout the summer. However, the tone seemed to change after U.S. Fed Chair Jerome Powell spoke at the Jackson Hole meetings, during the last week in August. His consensus that interest rates may need to stay elevated for longer seemed accurate, as the…

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